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From Empty to Cozy: Decorating Apartments from Scratch

Decorating an empty, cold and boring apartment can be intimidating. Where do you start? What do you need to bring in that warm & welcoming feeling? It all starts with the foundation. Although you may not be able to directly change the wall color or flooring, there are still ways you can improve the overall feel and look of the apartment. So what comes first?

Area Rugs. A perfect start. Finding a fun, simple area rug will bring an immediate feeling of togetherness as well as give an opportunity to bring in fun colors and designs later on with throw pillows and wall art. These rugs can be found at a reasonable price at Target and even TJ Maxx. The options are never-ending!

Window Treatment. A way to bring attention to what brings light into the room as well as add depth with more than just wall art and mirrors. Long and light curtains or shades are key to start to brighten up the room. Let there be light!

Neutral + Comfortable Furniture. Keeping the basics functional while also keeping it clean. This will tie in well with the area rug and allow for fun throw pillows and blankets as a few final touches. Clean and comfortable are key!

Wall Art + Mirrors. This is where you can have some fun! Bringing in some color and earth-tones

are so pivotal at this point in the decorating process. Having something on the wall that you know you and others will be able to look at often and not get tired of is crucial. The sky is the limit!

Throw pillows + blankets. My favorite part of topping off the final touches in a room. With this, bringing in fun designs and patterns with throw pillows can create so much dimension and coordinate colors. Solids, patterns, neutrals, and dark accents will ensure the room isn't boring. A solid color throw can add to the room without making it look too busy. Mix and match!

Finally... Plants! Plants are easily my second favorite part of decorating that can bring so much life into a room - literally! Whether the greenery is faux or real, it can be simple yet also fill spaces without automatically giving a cluttered-look. The pots to go with them can also be very fun and simple. A basic plant or tree in the corner of a room will immediately introduce a minimal and fresh look to a room with little effort.


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