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Splurge vs. Save! Dining Chair Edition

We feel that a good set of dining chairs can really set the tone for your space! It can seem like a pretty significant investment, buying 8-10 chairs at a time....ouch. So we are here to help! Theres a beauty in finding the balance between the save and splurge of the chairs we selected below. Found yourself a Craigslist dining table? Splurge on cool chairs to really give it that edge! Have a family piece that has been passed down? Pair a traditional table with wild funky chairs for an eclectic look. The possibilities are endless, so do yourself a favor and check out how we mix and match our favorites below!

LAURET DINING CHAIR lulu and georgia / MATHILDE DINING CHAIR anthropologie / CADENCE DINING CHAIR arhaus / NOLANI ARM CHAIR lulu and georgia / LAWNIE DINING CHAIR lulu and georgia / LOVELL DINING CHAIR anthropologie / BOWDEN DINING CHAIR target / HAGEN DINING CHAIR anthropologie / RAINA DINING CHAIR amazon / ROBIN DINING CHAIR arhaus


Vintage Table Pairings

Pair your vintage table with a style that lends to a more traditional look but has a modern edge to it!

We love the look of the


Minimal Table Pairings

A minimal table can handle so many different styles of chairs! Go with something bold like a leather bucket chair. Or, choose something with a more sleek profile to compliment the look of the table!


Rustic Table Pairings

A rustic table deserves a chair with a bit of texture or flair! Either go for contrast with a slightly more modern edge or keep it simple with similar wood tones and bits of texture to soften the look!


Modern Table Pairings

Pair a modern table with warm rich tones to bring a bit of comfort to the sleek look. You can get creative with shapes and materials when your table is clean lined and neutral!


*S+E Designs LLC is not sponsored or in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands or vendors, but this page may contain affiliate links. When you use the links above, We may make commission on sales at no additional cost to you.

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