We are the team behind S+E Designs!


We are the ladies behind S+E Designs! We love everything design related, a good glass of red wine, an occasional beach vacation, and long days of fun, hard, and always rewarding work.


Artistic abilities have always been strong in all aspect's of my mother's life. From studying fashion design at Moore College of Art to creating beautiful paintings and drawings, to home design, I have been so lucky to grow up in her creative world. Her passion for design began many years ago when remodeling her first family home. A remodel with my father (her husband) quickly turned into a complete tear down and rebuild. That home is still absolutely gorgeous to this day. From there, home flipping turned to home staging and that turned into custom home and commercial designs. Phew, what a whirlwind.

Sharon...(Mom)...is truly an awesome woman with such a passion for all things creative. We work together better than I could ever hope for and she is amazing at what she does. Every day is filled with silly jokes, belly laughs, and more fun than seems normal for a day of work. How many daughters realize how lucky they are to do have their mom by their side? *emma raises hand*

Okay, my rant is over. My mom rocks.


When thinking back about my life in this creative world there was never a time that Emma wasn’t a part of it.  From the time she was very little she was building, creating and forming the world that would become her future.  Our home was filled with paper, crayons, markers, paints and always strewn with scraps of wood and building supplies from her Dad who was always building something!   When she was a little girl she would round up the neighborhood kids and they would collectively “build” a lemonade stand that was complete with a shingled roof!  So I guess, this was the life that she was destined to lead.

Emma is not only artistic minded but a technological genius who excels at creating. She can take a simple floor plan and see it in such a different and refined way! I seriously do not know how I could have found a more perfect partner.  Her daily dose of wit along with her need to learn always makes for an exciting day!  We have so much fun together and every time someone says, “I never thought of that”...we look at each other and say…”our job is done”!!  And laugh!!!