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Last Minute Christmas Decorating: Target Edition!

Christmas is almost one week away and that just doesn't even seem possible! Where has all the time gone?! Christmas decorating is just another thing on the to-do list that can easily continue to be pushed off and avoided. No need to fear! Target is here, and with some of the best local selections to help prepare the home for Christmas at a reasonable price!

We have put together a few options below to help solve this last-minute decorating problem!


Throw Pillows:

Mix and match solid, neutral and textured throw pillows!

Throw Blankets:

Add a neutral tone or a pop of color to create an extra cozy feel!

Shelf Decor:

Select a few Christmas decor items to add to any shelf, table, or mantle as a finishing touch!


A must! These neutral and simple stockings work for almost any theme in the home!

Large Vases:

Large vases with your favorite holiday greenery as a centerpiece - perfection!

Table Runners:

Add a fun-patterned table runner for the perfect table set-up!


Small plants around the home are an absolute necessity for that Christmas feel!

Tree Skirts:

Select a plain or patterned tree-skirt for a neutral base to dress the rest of the tree up with ornaments and decor!


Welcome in the Holidays with a wreath in the home or on the front door!

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