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How Your Home Can Impact Your Mental Well-being

It's almost 2022! Another year coming to an end, and another about to begin! It is so common to want to start fresh and begin new habits and accomplish new goals. Everyone has their own idea of what that looks like, but starting with your own space at home is something to think about.

Since 2020 (the "COVID year"), more and more people have had the chance to really think about the importance of mental health and overall mental wellbeing. You almost can't ignore it. Being stuck at home, away from other people and human interaction has impacted everyone in some way. More time at home suddenly became the new normal for a ton of people. For some people, this led to really noticing what they did or did not like about their home and space (hello DIY projects!). With all of this taking place, it really brought to light how much of an impact your space at home has on your overall mental wellbeing. Our home is the place that we go back to at the end of every work day. Our safe haven so to speak. It is a place that has much more value than we seem to remember sometimes, and truly does have the power to impact our mood and thoughts.

Below is a list of things that can be done to create a better atmosphere and positively impact the place you call your home for the sake of your mental wellbeing!


Let There Be Light!

Keeping the home light and bright is a good first step in creating a space that doesn't feel so heavy and dark. Although it varies person to person, about 30 minutes of sunlight a day is needed to thrive. If you're working from home and find that you are inside often, focus on bringing in light by either minimizing heavy window treatments and keeping light drapes that can be adjusted depending on time of day, or sticking to shades for a simple and open feel in the room.

Decluttering and Organizing

This step is something we find helps so many people when working in the home. Over time, it is so easy to collect items and store "stuff" out in the open. Getting things put away and organized will not only make it easier to find what you're looking for in the future, but it will also create a clean look. This will avoid a busy feeling in the room which can lead to an overwhelming environment. After doing this, changing a few minor things such as wall color and decor can work together to create a whole new space.

Bring it to Life

Plants! Plants have been known to reduce stress and create an overall feeling of tranquility. Not only do they increase oxygen levels in the room but they also look appealing and have the ability to compliment almost any room and its unique design. Even if you prefer faux plants over live ones, they can still give off the same feeling of calmness and beauty in a room.

Flowers also have a very similar impact on the home. Their aesthetically pleasing appearance and light aroma can improve attitude and overall happiness. As a bonus, they double as a beautiful centerpiece!

Contrasting Color

Wall color in the home is a crucial way to automatically change the energy in a room. Although it really depends on the home size, style and design, having a neutral white or cream base is usually the best way to start. We find that a soft white creates a canvas full of opportunities for the whole home, and can allow for some pops of color and fun rooms later on for some contrast and texture. Carrying one solid, richer tone throughout the home (even a seemingly light tan or grey) can actually feel heavier when it is placed throughout the home in every room. Keep in mind the open and balanced feeling you want to have to avoid the dark, bland look.


Bold and Moody:

Wall Decor Balance

Wall decor such as mirrors, artwork, gallery walls and wall treatments are a must for any home! The key to achieving this look is keeping a good balance. A room with no artwork or wall decor can easily start to feel closed in and flat. Adding a large piece of framed artwork to one wall as a focal point has the potential to bring in some color that can be tied in with throw pillows, accent chairs and other small accessories later on. Even in the kitchen or bathroom, small pieces can be used for pops of color and to continue the same theme throughout the home. Other options like a gallery wall and mirrors can have the same effect and keep a room interesting without overdoing it.

Rearrange and Redo

Sometimes all the home needs is a fresh start! This option is so nice because it is extremely budget-friendly being that it doesn't require any money to be spent; just time! Physically moving things around allows for you to really see the space and think about other options as well. Even using tools online to draw out square footage and space out a specific room can make for an easy process without all the moving to see how everything will fit spatially beforehand. Plan Your Room is a good tool to use to sketch out how to best arrange any room in the home!

Layout Option 1:

Layout Option 2:


There are a multitude of options to improve the home environment to support mental well being. Although it has always been important, it has definitely become more common to openly acknowledge and talk about how important it really is, especially in the past couple years. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, you are only able to preform your best when you feel good both mentally and physically.

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