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Decorative Pillow Finds for Under $50

Finding decorative pillows is one of my favorite parts of the design process! There are so many colors, patterns, prints and options out there. Whether you're shopping in person or online, it can be a fun yet overwhelming process because there are so many options. Finding a good combination of pillows for a good price is the ultimate goal and we are excited to help you find that!

Earthy tones, creams, neutrals, boho colors, throw pillows

These earthy tones are a warm, settling way to add to a room without overdoing it.

orange throw pillows, stripes, cross pattern, leather, throw pillows

Bold tones can be a fun and fresh way to brighten up a room.

neutral throw pillows, tan, grey, simple, pattern, white, black, modern

Neutral tones are simple, comfortable and can add subtle details to a room.


All of these amazing options can be yours for under $50 each!

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